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Luxury Fitness Retreats; Women with Champagne Taste!

Do you consider yourself a fitness fanatic?  Do you have a passion for travel and seek adventures? Would you like to connect with more liked-minded women? Are you also a little bit of a princess? Do you like luxury accommodations and five star service?  If you answered yes, I’ve got a treat for you, so keep on reading!

FIT & Flirty is incredibly excited to be working with Fit & Fly Girl luxury fitness retreats! These are amazing fitness holidays designed for women looking for a fitness focused holiday, new adventures, new friends but also enjoy the funner things in life.

Choose from luxury fitness retreats all over the world: Tulum, Mexico, Costa Rica, the French Riviera, Ibiza, Spain, Morocco and many more destinations.

A fitness retreat can be a a magical way to step outside your comfort zone and visit a new exotic location; you can rest assured that each location has been scouted and approved by Fit & Fly Girl owner Rebecca Garland. Your security and satisfaction is the first priority; as well as ensuring high end accommodations and an exceptional level of service.

A combination of fitness, health & nutrition, wellness, local culture, adventures and of course, pampering, a little wine and lots of laughter!




FLY AWAY WITH ME? FIT & Flirty will be attending the January 20 to 27, 2018 luxury fitness retreat in Costa Rica! Hope to see you there!

If you have ANY questions or would like to more information, please leave a comment in theform – include your phone number and I will call you at your convenience.

What did you get from your ex-boyfriend? There always a love lesson, something to be learned from our past relationships.  The ending  should be viewed as a failure. Some people are meant to be in our lives forever and others have an expiry date; I believe there’s something to be gained and learned from each person and situation that enters our lives.

My ex and I were together for over 10 years and he gave me the gift of the NFL. That relationship also taught me many valuable lessons. (Too many to list here) But the one that stands out the most is, “The truth always reveals itself.”

When we first met, I’d never watched a football game in my life! On Sundays I’d tag along to his buddy’s house and we’d sit around watching game after game, I was bored to tears! Every play, interception and fumble looked the same; I honestly thought it was all one long never ending game! After a few months of listening to the guys argue over plays, who’s the best quarterback and their endless excuses for losing in the fantasy pool I started to form an understanding. Plus the fashionista in me had a knack for remembering wins and losses by the teams’ uniforms colors. “Oh the guys in the hideous blue and orange outfits…they won last week.” (Denver Broncos) The guys laughed: “Uniforms, not outfits!”

Near the end of the first season I developed a crush on John Lynch a hot strong safety and I was obsessed with Jon Gruden‘s weekly sideline tantrums and so I pledged my alliance the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.  FYI they won the Super Bowl that year!

In December 2009 I went to my first NFL game; San Diego Chargers at Dallas Cowboys. We enjoyed pre drinks in the Absolute Vodka bar and we were spoiled with Club Seats – football heaven!

The energy in the stadium was infectious; there was excitement and passion in the air, as well as an unspoken respect amongst the fans. The sense of family from strangers was comforting to me, as it was also on this day that I accepted my fate, without a doubt I acknowledged to myself that my relationship would not survive the coming year.  From that day forward nothing was ever the same; once you accept your truth you can never go back. Our relationship was flawed and unhealthy and we both played our role in its downfall. But without it, I would not be who I am today.










Fast forward, October 4th 2015 Wembley Stadium, London U.K.  New York Jets vs Miami Dolphins in a sold out stadium with over 85,000 fans. It was a “home game” for the Dolphins but you’d never know by the sea of different teams represented; Vikings Fans, Patriots Fans, Browns, Chicago, Indy, Cincin, Seahawks, Chargers, New York Giants… I even saw seven Buccaneers fans! It truly was a Football is Family moment.

Over the past six year I’ve been to 17 games in 9 stadiums and I love the emotional rollercoaster ever season. I cry tears of joy and tears of sorrow. I laughed until it hurts. I thrown things at the TV, and break stuff. I lose my voice from yelling. I’ve almost peed my pants waiting for half time. I’ve suffered hangovers that near killed me and I keep losing ridiculous bets. Along the way I’ve had the pleasure of meeting many awesome people from all walks of life. I’m blessed that some have had a real impact on me and will forever hold a special place in my heart. The NFL has given me some of the best memories of my life and for that I will always be thankful to my ex.

To those resisting change and struggling with the heartache of a breakup I say to you, “The truth is inside you, all you need to do is acknowledge it! You cannot out play or outsmart the universe, so trust that it’s giving you exactly what you need. Once you fully accept the now, your eyes will be open to your lessons and letting go will become much easier.”

Peace out & love
Love Lessons

A boss babe balanced life is mastered by being “fierce, floral & feminine”. I learned the hard way, but it is possible to stay true to your female energy in a man’s world.

In business I was taught to have thick skin and keep my feelings to myself. I was told I had to work harder than guys to be recognized. For ten years I’ve been and independent consultant for publicly traded mining companies, a male dominated industry. I wanted to be respected and prove I was as capable as any man.  My determination to achieve this revealed a side that some saw as harsh and aloof. Like many women I spent years striving for equality in every aspect of my life. Then a few years ago, I realized that  while focusing on being seen as “equal” had lost a part of my feminine side.

I’m a huge advocate of work & life balance. Yet for years I had been denying myself the balance of femininity. I filled every second of my day with work or tasks; I had zero patience for small talk and chitchat. Except for my close friends I was detached and had surface conversations and relationships.  I couldn’t watch TV without channel surfing and I didn’t feel empathetic towards others or myself.

If you find yourself struggling with any of these, here are a few simple tips I used to help nurture back my feminine energy:

1- Enjoy the process: First and foremost, you don’t have to be Wonder Woman and you don’t have to do it all, RIGHT NOW. I’m working full-time and building a new business. Maybe you’re working full time and going to school. Maybe you’re a single mom working and raising kids. Whatever your situation, you’re busting your ass and hustling to make your dreams come.  But ladies, cut yourself some slack, there is no final destination, so enjoy the journey.

2. Take time for yourself: Before if I had a bad day, felt irritated with a situation or stuck on a project I’d force myself to work through it and try to come up with a solution. This would make things worse. Now  I take a deep breath, pour myself a large glass of wine and get in the bathtub. With a clear mind I tackle problems in a more creative and effective way.

3. Morning ritual: Every morning (before checking my phone or emails) I take 5-10 minutes to practice gratitude, this helps to keep me in check when negative situations pop up during the day.  Once I have a coffee I take another 5 more minutes to prioritize my day. I list out EVERYTHING I need to do, then narrow down 3-5 things I MUST DO! This helps me navigate my day and stay focused on what most important.

4.  Activities: I do things that embrace traditional feminine energies like watching a romance movie, going to the spa or getting my nails done. I like getting dressed up and going out for a girl’s night out or stepping into nature. I find engaging in any creative activities really gets me in touch with my feelings: painting, drawing, music, writing or even reading a book of poems.

5.  Accept compliments: when someone say something nice, I accept it wholeheartedly by saying “Thank you”. Feel grateful and recognize the person that spoke up. I like to reciprocate a kind word and make a difference in someone’s day!

6. DRESS THE PART: Three years ago I only had black and grey clothes in my closet, which I thought fit the thick-skinned, all-business persona I was trying to portrait. Floral prints, pinks and pastels were for “girly girls”… But as I embraced my feminine energy I let myself dress “How I felt” by infusing my wardrobe with colorful scarfs and shoes. As time went on I felt  lighter and happier when I was wearing color and that gave me the confidence to be more daring. Now I have a rainbow of dresses beside my “little black dress” in my closet.

Stepping outside my comfort zone and connecting with my feminine energy did not happen overnight; it took time and courage but conquering fears and challenges always makes me feel FIERCE!

“I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.” – Marilyn Monroe

Do you consider yourself a fitness fashionista? Are you a shopaholic obsessed with keeping up with the latest beauty products and fashion trends? If yes, let FabFitFun feed your soul seasonally and indulge you in fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fabulous fitness gear. Every three months you get to look forward to a box filled with the newest most awesome items, hand-picked for you by the FabFitFun team! The products are full-size and delivered right to your door step. (Free shipping)

I was anticipating the delivery of my spring box more so than usual because a few months ago I upgraded from a seasonal subsciption ($49.99 each quarter) to the annual subscription ($179.00 per year). Perks for being an annual member include:

1 – Save $20 a year.

2 – Customize your box: pick and choose the design and color of certain products. This was a big selling point for me.

3 – Get your goodies first with priority shipping.

4 – Early access to seasonal add-ons. Purchase items from previous boxes at a super reduced price. (Add-ons will ship with your box)


Fit-Fab-Fun-21 – Gypsy Roundie $50

The founders are siblings who created an environmentally friendly warehouse which is the first fully solar-powered dyeing, printing and manufacturing facility in California. The beautiful roundies can be used in many ways: picnic blanket, beach towel, table top, bedroom or wall décor, even wear as a shawl. Right now my roundie is draped over one of my kitchen chair as I wait to be hit with inspiration on how I will display it in a creative way in my space.

2 – Briogeo Milk Reparative Leave-In Conditioner Spray $20

A blend of roseship, argan and coconut oils (we love the coconut right!?) improves hair softness, strengths and moisture levels and also guards against heat damage. I ran out of leave-in a week ago, but refused to replenish because I wanted to try this one. After spraying it on my wet hair two mornings in a row I can tell my hair is already silky soft!

3- Dr. Brandt Daily Microdermabrasion Age Defying Exfoliator $79

Radiant and renewed skin, YES!!! I just tried this exfoliator last night and oh lala my skin feels amazing!

4 – Milla Zip Pouch $45

This water resistant bag was designed to carry your wet bathing suit. I got the Haute Mess pink pouch and since I don’t live near the beach or swim that often this is officially my new makeup travel bag. The other colors are Slay all Day in white, Beach Please in blue, Resting Beach Face in green. Needless to say I’m super happy I got the pink one!

5 – Karuna Face Mask $28

A month supply (4 masks) of deep-conditioning sheets made of 100% natural wood-pulp fiber allows the pores to fully absorb essential and nourishing for maximum hydration. I went for a facial earlier this week so I haven’t  had a chance to test this product yet but I’ve read so many amazing reviews I can’t wait!!

6- Realher Lip Kit $48

As an annual members got to pre-select my color; Deep Red, Deep Nude or Neutral Pink. Duh, of course I choose pink! The trio includes a liquid lipstick “I am Gorgeous” which is a bit drying on my lips, the plumping gloss “I am a Rock Star” is to die for and lip liners “Women Rule the World” is perfect!

7- Deborah Lippmann  Nail Polish $19

Blue Orchid & Like a Virgin or Shape of my Heart & Like a Virgin. I got the blue, boo! I can’t apply nail polish to save my life, so even though I think the blue shade is cool, this duo will be re-gifted 🙂

8- Luv AJ Diamond Kite Crawler Earring Set $85

Annual member could choose between two sets of earrings (14K rose gold) or a gold Cage Bracelet. I’m obsessed with rose right now and both these earrings sets are small enough and fit securely to my ears so I can wear them while working out.

The eight items above retail at $374

As a major bonus, the company also recently introduced FabFitFun TV. (For members only) You can say “Good Bye” to costly at home workout programs like Beachbody; This series of workout videos was created with some of the world’s fitness elites and include; barre, yoga, toning, bootcamp, Pilates and cardio. There’s something from everyone! Work out at home or follow the routines at the gym or in your hotel room while traveling from your iPhone.

I also purchase three “add-ons”. The first item was a yoga mat carrier. As I kept scrolling the store I fell in love with the DIFF sunglasses and had to have them! The Modcloth scarf (black & white) was an item in the 2016 Fall Box of (before I signed up). It was plastered everywhere on social media and the ladies raved about its softness and versatility. Personally I don’t think you can have too many scarf, especially when you live on the West Coast of Canada.  When I got my shipping confirmation email, I noticed the yoga mat carrier was not listed as “shipped”. After a quick email to customer service they responded and explained the item was unfortunately out of stock. My $12 was refunded immediately PLUS they gave me a $10 credit toward a future purchase – I’ll take it!

This box has amazing products, it’s without a doubt an incredible value and most importantly customer service was on top of the small glitch. Over all my experience and rating for the FabFitFun Spring box is 10 out of 10!

One of the best parts of being involved with the fitness community is all the wonderful and inspiring women I have the pleasure to meet. There is a real sense of family because everyone is so encouraging and thoughtful! I’d like to express my gratitude and give a shout-out to the eleven ladies who took the time out of their busy schedules and contributed to the “Pretty in Pink” Spring Giveaway. You are all inspiring in your own unique way!

Thank you all xo

@PinkCupcakeGirl is the happiest runner ever. She runs in beautiful places every single day! If you’re a runner, or inspire to run, follow her on Instagram, I promise that her gallery and story line will bring a smile to your face and motivate you to lace up! She also sells the coolest running snap-backs.

@eric.terry is a fitness and fashion blogger from Michigan. We quickly bonded on social media due to our mutual love of fitness, the NFL, our adorable Yorkies and making fun of bad dates! Some people just get it, she’s one of them! Check out her site Fashion meets Food.

@urbamilenyc is a young, vibrant and beautiful runner from New York City. Every day she makes me miss the Big Apple as she shares gorgeous pictures of the magical city. She has a content-rich blog with great running and fitness tips.

@Stiletto Running found a creative way to combine her love for stilettos (fashion) and running; she has a fitness fashion store with great pink running gear Stiletto Running.

@wildbohomdreams was my first social media over three years ago now. She is a very kind soul from Alabama who creates hand crafted jewelry with a magical touch. Wild Boho Dreams 

@misssippipiddlin was the winner of the FIT & Flirty #FitnessSelfie Contest earlier this year. She has been a joy to follow. She and her man seem to be out running a race almost every weekend and always finish by quenching their thirst with mimosas; my kinda of couple! Check out her running blog as well.

@chocoviv Instablogging about food, travelling and countless beauty tips!. She is also the only other Canadian (besides myself) involved. She also has a fun blog!

@barm-Yogi_jenn is the winner of FIT & Flirty’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway. She’s a single mom, teacher, yogi and passionate runner.

@pinkess1 is a thirty something lady living in Greater Nebraska who believes everything is better with a little sparkle! She shares how she manages to balance a career, husband, two girls and keeping up with fitness on her Blog.

@The Foxy Llamas are a couple of mom’s pressing vinyl together in their own little makeshift sweatshop – Fun fashion in the ETSY store.

I’m slightly obsessed with the color pink! Ever since I was a little girl; pink Barbie’s, pink princess dresses, pink flowers and pink sparkles. I associate the color pink with femininity, romance, happiness and giddy feelings. If I’m shopping and see a top or skirt, furniture, books, earring, makeup or anything in any shade of pink I must have it!!  And if it doesn’t come in pink I usually say “This should come in pink.”

Pink is Feminine and Vibrant

“Feminine, attractive and vibrant. Love pink lipstick, clothing, or tops worn in contrast with black. Bright pink, or paler no matter what age makes me feel flirty, astute and can accomplish what I need to that day. I associate it with ‘sugar and spice and all things nice.’ Flowers, romantic gestures and kindness.” – Jill Cleggett

I thinks it’s fair to say that the color pink can empower and attract positivity. Clearly, I’m not the only woman who feels this way. Take Cara Alwill Leyba the creator of “The Champagne Life” who displays her adoration for pink in her work, home and fashion! Cara connects with women via social media, her various books, blog, radio show and podcasts. Her message is to encourage all women to live a vivacious and enthusiastic life by making your own happiness a priority.  Victoria’s Secret one of the largest lingerie chains in North American has an entire division geared to college girls called PINK. Let’s not forget Alecia Beth Moore better known as P!nk who’s been signing about bad ass women for years. One of my favorite songs is “So What“. A tune that invoked a fierceness in me while I was going through a bad break-up;  as I ran countless miles her words would vibrate through my earbuds and re-affirmed my belief that I was strong and independent no matter which struggles I faced.

6---2nd-Annual-spring-giveaway-2So, so what? I’m still a rock star. I got my rock moves. And I don’t need you. And guess what? ‘Im having more fun. And now that we’re done. I’m gonna show you tonight. I’m alright, I’m just fine. And you’re a tool. So, so what? I am a rock star….

P!nk is also a fitness guru and an inspiration to me physically! She is all about being STRONG not skinny! She’s been on the cover of multiple fitness magazines; SHAPE and Women’s Health to name a few. Her unwavering message to women is to be “strong”, free and self-ruling in all you do!

Have I made my case? Can you now see why life is better in PINK? Could Audrey Hepburn really be wrong? “I believe in pink!”

In combination with my love for the color pink and the growing female movements across the globe this year I was inspired to make “PINK” the focus of this spring’s giveaway. I was quick to learn it’s not difficult to unite like-minded fitness and fashion ladies to collaborate together. I am not alone; remember neither are you!

The Second Annual Spring Instagram Giveaway “Pretty in Pink”

FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN go to the Instagram card

“Pretty in Pink Spring Giveaway” and follow the rules.

Total Value $150.00

2nd-Annual-Spring-Giveaway-31 – Stay Humble, Hustle and Eat Tacos fitness tank from FIT & Flirty

2 – Pink & Silver RUN baseball hat from PinkCupcakeGirl

3 – A pink racer back tank top from Stiletto Running

4 – Two hand crafted pink bracelets from Wild Boho Dreams

5 – Pink Dream on Dreamer Trucker hat from The Foxy Llamas


*All entries must be submitted by April 7, 2017 7pm PST. We ask that PRIVATE accounts are made PUBLIC during the giveaway in order to be entered. We appreciate your patience while we verify all  the entries. Good luck!

*This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram’s term of use.

*Valid for USA & Canada participants only

*Items may ship separately

Whether you’re on a points (or calorie) restricted diet like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, or you subscribe to one of the many plant-based diets, or you’re like myself and follow the 80-20 rules of Eat-Clean, I think we can probably all agree that a “cheat” day (or meal) is the best part of the week.

For many, the cheat day (or meal) has positive psychological effects because allowing a craving to be satisfied helps people to stick to their otherwise restrictive diets.

I find this to be true for myself. For the most part my body wants healthy foods; I eat to fuel myself and stick to protein, vegetables, whole grains and fruit, but I’m human and LOVE wine and like everyone else I get pizza and sweet cravings too! If I try to ignore my hankerings I end up stuffing my face; so over time I’ve learned to listen to my body and give it (in small doses) what it’s asking for.

Tomorrow, Monday February 27 the SCPA and Human Society celebrate National Cupcake Day; the tastiest way to support and show love for animals in need while satisfying your need for a treat.

I’ve always been an animal lover. As a young girl I had a rescue dog named Frex and a 12lb cat which I named “Minou” (which is French for kitty). My favorite movie was the “Black Stallion” and I was obsessed with the TV Show “Littlest Hobo”. I still cry at any show that has a lost, injured or dying animal. If you’ve been following me on social media you’ve probably seen my partner in crime Miss Gucci, a Yorkshire terrier born in Budapest. She’s the Publicity Hound at FIT & Flirty. Over the past 12 years we’ve moved to four different homes; she’s been my side-kick supporting me through hard times, good times, drunken times and fun times! No matter what kind of day I’m having she’s always looking up at me in adoration, never judging always loving. “When you’re loved unconditionally and looked at in adoration it’s impossible not to reciprocate”

I like sweets and Gucci is obsessed with treats; I also know if she could talk she would want to help as many animals in need as she could!

I’m a terrible baker and work from home, so organizing a party for National Cupcake day was out of the question. So instead I donated to the cause and with my friend Christine we set out on the quest to find the best cupcakes in the city of Vancouver.   Here are some ideas for those of you in Vancouver looking to indulge:

Butter Baked Goods and Café 4907 Mackenzie Street

This bakery is charming; the decor is floral chic with glittering chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. I had the “Earl Grey” cupcake with lemon earl grey icing. The cake was mildly spicy and the lemon butter cream was smooth tangy and refreshing! I’m not sure I would have known it was early grey if not told but it was delicious! I also tried the chocolate with raspberry-envy butter cream.  This was a traditional chocolate cake; tender, moist, rich and oh-so-indulgent topped with a raspberry candy! YUM! Vibrating from a sugar rush it was time for us to move on to the next bakery.

Fratelli Bakery 1795 Commercial Street

This is an authentic Italian bakery with great allure, I love the street sign décor. Everything in the display case looked delicious. The cupcakes were clearly made with kids in mind, decorated with “Minions” and Disney princesses’ toys. The cake was fresh and tasted homemade but the bright green icing probably gave me a cavity!

Fairy Cakes 3586 Fraser Street

By the time we got to this bakery I was on the verge of passing out from too much sugar; but I overcame. If you have dietary restrictions this one’s for you! All cupcakes are nut free, dairy free and egg free, made from organic and local ingredients; I tried the vanilla root beer and chocolate maple cupcakes. I have to say the considering the lack of traditional ingredients they were a scrumptious substitutes! At this point we decided to call it a day….

The Last Crumb 3080 Main Street

Two sisters followed their dreams and opened this nostalgic bakery in homage to their mother.

This was the perfect Sunday afternoon sweet treat! I ordered the Chocolate Espresso with caramel filling; which was mouthwatering but almost over the top for a sweet treat! I also had a bite of my friend’s Chocolate Coconut cupcake’ which was more traditional tasting, light, fluffy and very satisfying.

Cupcakes 2887 Broadway Street

I keep this location for last because when I think of cupcakes, I think of this bakery! With multiple locations though the city there is for sure one near you! They are also contributing to this great cause with a dollar from every cupcake and “pupcake” donated to the BCSPCA until Feb 27th 2017.

Every little bit helps, so no matter how big or small I encourage every one of you to help an animal in need and please DONATE today!

We all know your vibe attracts your tribe; so ladies let’s work TOGETHER!

“Behind every success woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!”Girl Boss.

FIT & Flirty in collaboration with Amber at Wild Boho Dreams  are organizing the 2nd Annual Spring Instagram Loop Giveaway! Last year was a success; more than fifteen fitness ladies took part in the “Fit Girl Spring Giveaway”. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people on social media as well as increasing your social media following. We are optomitic that the participation will be double this year.

If you’re fitness or fashion related store, online shop, service provider,  blogger or Instagram influencer we would love you to join forces with us!

Requirements to Participate:

The theme of the giveaway is PINK, because it makes everything look pretty!

Ladies who donate from their store must have a product that appeals to women with ONE of the following criteria:

a) Pink
b) Fitness product or service
c) Fashion product or service

We want to involve as many ladies as possible, so if you don’t have a product or service to contribute you can still get involved:

a) $10.00 donattion to FIT & Flirty’s PayPal account – money will go towards shipping (all product to one location and then to winner)
b) Write a short blog about the businesses involved in the Giveaway.


If you are interested please send me an email at or leave a comment or question below by March 4, 2017.  I will contact everyone individually with more details once I know how many ladies are involved.


She believed she could so she did xo

Where to get FIT, have fun and be fabulous in Vancouver? I get asked “Which gym do you go to?” all the time.  According to  StatsCan as of December 2016 Metro Vancouver had over 300 fitness facilities, plus 19 in Abbostford and 48 in Victoria, B.C. Some of the biggest fitness chains being Steve Nash Fitness World with 23 locations and counting. Anytime Fitness, Club 16 Trevor Linden, Goodlife, Curves and OrangeTheory . Vancouver also has 23 community centers who offer gym services, add to the mix yoga-only studio, Pilates studios, Cross-Fit Clubs, Spinning studios, boxing and martial-arts gyms, work place fitness facilities, condo gyms, tennis clubs & golf clubs and  independent personal trainers how does someone decide where to sign up?

For years my fitness routine included two personal trainer session per week and and running about 50 km per week. I was obsessed with logging my miles; rain, snow or scorching heat, I would be out there pounding the pavement. But after completing four half-marathons and a full marathon I now find myself seeking different ways of staying fit. About a year ago I signed up for Class Pass and I’ve discovered never ending variety and constant physical challenge.

Where to get FIT, have fun and be fabulous
Oxygen Yoga & Fitness

The first class I signed up for with the Class Pass app was at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness (564 W Broadway,  Vancouver,  B.C.) Don’t let the name fool you, this is NOT your typical yoga studio. I tried the Hot, Fast and  Furious class and I was instantly hooked. These yoga and fitness classes are conducted in an infrared sauna. The workouts vary from boot camp style classes (with weights), Pilates Fusion, Hot Power Core, Yoga and more. I guarantee Oxygen Yoga & Fitness will challenge you, push you and get you chiseled for the summer.

For addicts like me you can sign up for an unlimited monthly package directly at Oxygen Yoga & Fitness. They have multiple locations throughout the city with more popping up soon! Bring your yoga mat, full length towel, face towel and lots of water!

Where to get FIT, have fun and be fabulous
Kondi Studio Vancouver

My second favorite facility is Kondi Fitness  (100-1462 W. 8th Avenue, Vancouver, B.C.) This boutique studio  specializes in fun and challenging group classes featuring Callanetics, Pilates, TRX resistance workouts for stronger legs and H.I.I.T.  workout guarantees to help you become a faster runner.  When I first walked in I was a bit intimidated; everyone was modelesque (trainers and students alike) but it didn’t take me long to feel welcomed. The instructors/trainers are incredibly friendly and knowledgeable; they take the time to correct your form and push you to your physical limit.  If you’re looking for a real challenge or want to bring your training to the next level, this studio is made for you. The classes are TOUGH, especially the  H.I.I.T. series so bring alot of energy, your water bottle and be prepared to get breathless!

Vancouver saw the biggest snow falls since 1969 this winter; the sidewalks have been slippery and covered in snow for months so instead of my outdoor run I’ve been booking spin classes for my cardio blast. My current favorite spin studio is:

Where to get FIT, have fun and be fabulous
East Wood Cycle Vancouver and North Vancouver

Eastwood Cycle (154 East Hastings Street, Vancouver, B.C.), nestled between Yaletown and Gastown, is a gorgeous 4,500 sq spinning facility.  You can ride to the rhythm of the beats in the Icon Class or train for endurance and strength training in the Athlete Class. I love this studio, especially for my early morning workouts—the beats are super loud and you ride in the dark! The instructors focus on empowerment and motivation to make sure your heart gets pounding!

Where to get FIT, have fun and be fabulous
Pure Barre Vancouver

My latest find on the Class Pass app is Pure Barre (1907 West 4th Ave, Vancouver, B.C.) These 55 minute full- body low-impact workouts concentrate on areas where women tend to struggle the most: with the use of the  ballet  barre, you perform a series of small isometric movements that will lift your seat, and tone your thighs, abs and arms to build long and lean muscles. The vibe at the Kitsilano location is inviting but don’t be fooled by their kindness at reception, these workouts are a BURN! I also recommend you invest in a pair of sticky socks.

I work out 5-6 days a week, I bored and lose interest quickly so changing up my routine and trying new things workouts keeps me interested and challenged.  What’s your favorite workout or fitness studio and why?

We are currently not taking orders. Check back soon!

We are currently not taking orders. Check back soon!