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For those of you who know me or have been following me on Instagram you already know that I’m a HUGE NFL fan. For those who didn’t know, VOILA! NFL rules my Sunday schedule seventeen weeks out of every year. I’m undoubtedly obsessed!!  I love the competition, the replays, the sport shows. I love the players, the coaches and the drama. I love the gambling, the trip planning around going to live games and the emotional roller-coaster I feel watching my teams. I love the noise of the stadium, my scratchy voice from yelling too much and all the fun faithful fans I meet along the way. I LOVE THE NFL and everything that comes along with it.

Something else I admire is the immense talent, dedication and athleticism of the players. These men are machines who train day in and day out with the intent to run faster, jump higher, throw further, tackle harder and kick longer than they did the previous season. Performance expectations from the league, the coaches, their teammates and even from us, the fans, keep rising and rising and somehow these competitors continue to break records!

What does it take to be a game changer like NFL Super Star Richard Sherman?  After watching the Seahawks take home a last minute win at Century Link Field last Sunday there is no question in my mind that Richard Sherman, cornerback for the Seattle Seahawks is a GAME CHANGER! His talent, work ethic and game play is absolutely mind-blowing! Not to mention he is a man of intelligence, speaks his mind and can be a tad cocky (which I like, *blush*)

Sherman is the most feared cornerback in the league today! So what does it really take to become a game changer in sport and in life? Self-motivation is crucial. Set clear goals and constantly remind yourself of what those goals are! If you don’t know WHY you set your goals, chances are you will fail. Because when you hit a wall, when times are hard and when you are tired, no one else will be able to motivate, inspire or push you. It’s your goals and WHY you want to succeed that will keep you moving forward. Your mind tends to create limits for yourself but your body isn’t aware of those limits, so if you push beyond the doubts you will break old boundaries and teach yourself a new mindset.  To be a game changer it takes focus, dedication, sacrifice, a strong mind and consistent hard work!! Talent will only carry you so far, because someone will always want it more and work harder to surpass you.

In honor of Richard Sherman I’ve researched a few key exercises that are relevant to the cornerback position and I’m passing them along to help my fitness followers to become game changers in their own life!

Key workout areas of focus: footwork, speed and lower back

Exercise #1 – Back pedal


1. Set up 3 or 4 cones (or any object) about three yards apart in a straight line.

2. Backpedal (run backwards) to the first cone. When the cone is in your peripheral vision, stop and accelerate forward to the first cone. Backpedal to the second cone, stop and accelerate to the first cone. Backpedal to the third cone, stop and accelerate to the first cone

3. Repeat 12 – 15 times.

Tip – this is about feet movement and agility. Try to gain speed but always maintain control.

NOTE – As a cornerback this is the most important exercise to focus on and excel at.

Exercise #2 – Hill runs (my personal favorite)


Run 10 times up the hill. Keep good form, don’t over stride. Aim to run up as fast as possible and don’t to take a break until you’ve run the first 5 sprints.

Tip – Add a weight vest for difficulty. Remember PUSH yourself up that hill!

Exercise #3 – Explosion jump drill


1. Jump. Explode up on to a step

2. React as fast as possible, Focus on pushing off as soon as your toes hit the step.

3. 2 or 3 sets of 20 quick jumps

Tip – this exercise is not about height. It’s about how quick you can get up and down. Focus on foot reaction and speed!

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What does it take to be a game changer like NFL Super Star Richard Sherman?