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Here’s a quick story about the real dangers of a running girl.

As a woman I try to be mindful of some of the dangers of running:

  • Don’t run alone at night and always wear reflective gear
  • Carry your ID and your phone
  • Don’t be predictable, change up your route and don’t post on social before leaving

Today I was reminded of a much greater danger: your skin scraping across the surface of the pavement, Urgh!

I was awake and sitting at my home office desk with a fresh cup of coffee by 5:30 am.  My mood was abnormally cheerful and my productivity level was off the charts. With the rest of the world still asleep or commuting to work I had no disruptions and by 8:30 I’d checked off half of my to-do list for the day. So I decided to take a mid-morning break and head out for a quick run. I threw on my favorite lululemon running shorts and Nike mesh tank top and laced up.

I took my pre-run selfie and thought to myself “this is going to be a great run”. I was rested, hydrated, well-nourished and in a freaking good mood; all of the elements that usually make a fast run for me. So off I went up 12th Ave.  My head was in the clouds, I was thinking of all the things to come this week, like how I would deal with this situation, and how to address that email, when out of the blue I was literally flying horizontally above the ground, hit the concrete and skidded across the pavement surface for what felt like three to five feet. “WTF!!!”

My iPhone flew out my pocket, so I turned around to grab it, and happily it was unscathed. “Thank god!” I thought “Now finish your run!”  But when I went to standup, I felt THROBBING and I noticed blood gushing from both my knees and both my hands. Now at this point, I’m still contemplating running. But as I started wobbling down the street and the blood started to run down my leg I figured it was probably best I didn’t continue.  A few blocks from home I noticed stains on my white tank and look over at my right arm, from the elbow down, my skin was shredded!

I couldn’t help but laugh at myself! This was the second time I’d taken such a fall…. Luckily less was at stake today.


December 2010, Las Vegas Rock n Roll Marathon: I’d trained hard and was totally ready for my first marathon. I was strong, fast (for me), focused AF and determined to keep to a 6mins per km run.  I was precisely on track until I rounded the corner, near old Vegas at about the 8km mark. There was a huge bottleneck of people and I thought I’d be smart and bypass them by jumping on the sidewalk;  with the space to myself I started waiving on bystanders cheering on the runners and that’s when I stepped on a gu pack and went FLYING hitting the pavement with the entire right side of my body!  I was so mad“My time, my time!! This is going to F**ck up my time!!!” I jumped up and without looking at my injuries or giving it a second thought I took off.  I don’t know if it was adrenaline, naivety or pure stupidity but I didn’t stop, I didn’t feel no pain I didn’t see no blood. I just ran – and I crossed the finish line in 4h:13mins:12secs which is EXACTLY 6 minutes per kilometer  to the seconds (12 mins per mile).

When I got to my hotel room I finally noticed that the right sleeve of light-weight running shirt was torn, and the blood had dried and stuck to my skin. My right knee was throbbing but lucky the capri material prevented any ripping.  BEST DAY EVER!

Lesson, don’t let life trip you up!!

Question – anyone else has trip, hit and fall running stories? I’d love to hear from you!

Last week, while in San Francisco I got the chance to go to a spin class at Soul Cycle SoMa. The candle lit space is jammed packed with bikes with just enough room between them to squeeze by. The music is rocking loud which instantly hyped me. As I sat on my bike, an attendant came by. “I haven’t seen you here before; can I help you set up your bike?” She asked. She welcomed me and gave me a quick briefing of what to expect during the session. Out of nowhere a tiny muscular lady with a super long blond ponytail jumped in front of me and said “I love your tank top! I’m Jenny, I’ll be guiding your ride, let me know if you have any questions and have fun!” 3-2-1 and we were off.  We climbed, jogged, sprinted, danced and worked our upper body. Before I knew it, I was drenched from head to toe and the 45 minutes class was over!

Soul Cycle definitely is fitness fun! The inspirational instructors have a knack for bringing the riders together and creating a real sense of community. I was blown away!  The good vibes and energetic instructor Jenny re-ignited my spinning obsession.

When I got home on Thursday I looked into local spin gyms. On Saturday I went to Eastwood Cycle. The setup was very similar, with the instructor surrounded by candlelight on a platform in the front of the dark room.  The class “Icon” was also comparable; a 45 minutes intense class that combines riding to the rhythm and an upper body workout.

These bikes have a display with a speedometer, time worked and calories burned showing on them. I know most people love this feature, but personally I’d rather not know! The numbers tend to distract me, so I threw my towel over top of it.

I had a chance to speak with the instructor after class, and it turns out she used teach at Soul Cycle in LA! She also told me about the introductory special, $100 for 30 days of unlimited classes. I signed up!

With the festivite season upon us, I can use the extra motivation to ensure I make the best of the next 31 days and avoid packing on any holiday pounds. #holidaysweat

PS – If you’re an enthusiast of sweaty activities, I would definitely suggest you try a spin class!

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