Anna Dalaire, Owner

The incorporation of fitness in my life has been much more than burning calories and building muscles. It goes far beyond the number on the scale or a dress size; my fitness journey has empowered me. The process of breaking down the physical barriers I’d built up in my mind was a catalyst which helped me transform many other areas of my life. FIT & Flirty is an extension of this empowerment: my mission is to encourage and guide women to discover their individual power. Join me in celebrating all our successes. I believe every woman deserves to feel FIT, fierce & fabulous!

Your life will be forever changed once you realize that you have the ability to control your thoughts. We all possess the magic within ourselves to manifest anything our mind can dream up.  Combining of self-love and authenticity will propel  into the most powerful version of yourself.

FIT & Flirty is a culmination of my fitness journey, my life experiences and spiritual growth. I love to review different types of workouts and fitness studios. I’m obsessed with anything pink and all the amazing fitness apparel. Here I’ll share my travel adventures and fashion purchases.

My heart’s assignment is to help women live fiercely, with passion and without apology. The last chapter of your life has not been written; it’s never too late to start over and start building the life of your dreams.

Stay fit, follow your heart, give without expectation, be obsessively grateful, trust the universe and know that champagne is always a good idea!

Who am I?

I’m a low squatting, high vibbin’, champagne sipping, fitness fanatic!  

I’m obsessed with everything that has to do with fitness, from new workout trends, to the hottest fitness fashion. I love champagne, travelling, all things “bijou” and I’m constantly working on designing my life around my passions; to do what you love is freedom.

Abs-solutely Chic is my Fitness & Lifestyle Blog  where I share all about my FIT, Fierce & Fabulous Life !

The thought of not holding a passport gives me anxiety. I require routine but craves adventure. I believe in magic, trust the universe has a plan for all of us and I think everyone who enters your life has something to teach you. I love to express myself through fashion, and release my feelings through writing. I find serenity in the sounds of the ocean. Running is my meditation and I try to practice gratitude daily. My partner in crime is a 12 year old Yorkshire terrier, Miss Gucci.

Miss Gucci, Publicity Hound

Born September 7 2004 in Hungary Budapest to a second generation show dog, Miss Gucci made the long trip to Canada and officially became my fur baby just before Christmas that year. She is the fiercest and most loving 5 lbs of canine you will ever meet!

She’s a small ball of energy! Miss Gucci loves to run sprints in the park, play fetch and go on long hikes.

Always stylish, her big brown button eyes will warm the coldest of hearts. Her friendliness and kindness are great assets to help her seize opportunities.

For more about Anna and Gucci, our workout journey, fitness fashion and manifesting tips, check out Daily Inspirations.