About – Luxury Fitness Retreats

Luxury fitness retreats for the ladies with Four Season’s taste!

The Fit & Fly Girl luxury fitness retreats are designed for woman who loves to travel in style, are fitness focused and want to connect with like-minded ladies.

Choose from multiple fitness retreat location; step outside your comfort zone and travel somewhere you may not visit on your own knowing that Fit & Fly Girl’s locations have all been scouted by the owner;  the security of all the ladies is very important, all the accommodation are safe and luxurious! A combination of fitness, health & nutrition, wellness, local culture, adventures, and of course, pampering, wine and laughter!

Each adventure is different with a group of 12-20 ladies but the goal is always the same, empower women to travel, pursue adventure and build friendships.

Most fitness and wellness retreats are specific to one location.  Fit & Fly Girl travels all over the world, introducing our guests to exotic locales and new cultures.  We then combine the experience with luxury, adventure, fitness, wellness, culture, and pampering.  One of the most important aspects of Fit & Fly Girl retreats is providing an environment to bond with other like-minded women, developing lifelong friendships through a shared love of travel and wellness.

Join the mind & body spiritual connection, it’s time to fly!

If you have ANY questions feel free to email me. If you would like to have a chat, please include your phone number and I will call you at your convenience.

Email: contactus@fitandflirty.com