FRI-YEA the 13 ....

FRI-YEA the 13 ....

Today is a great day to manifest the sh*t our of some good luck!

Ditch the negative vibes and use these good luck-oriented superstitions aimed at bringing you luck:

  1. Get out of the bed on the right side (that is, not the left side). This side is guaranteed to make your day luckier.
  2. Wear red underwear. This color is told to bring you more luck than other colors. Whatever you do, don't wear green underwear or luck might abandon you
  3. Get your most trusted lucky charm out. Place it in your pocket and/or wear it all day.
  4. Forget cleaning; apparently handling a broom is unlucky on this day.
  5. Think positively; tell everyone that 13 is your lucky number.
  6. Think about how lucky you are and spend a little part of your day counting your blessings.




Friday 13th Fun Fitness Fashion:

     Pink mesh legging with pockets from BlueFish Sport.

     Straight out of cardio from Marcy's in NY      

     Beast Floral Snapback in store.









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