Second Annual Spring Giveaway Pretty In Pink

Second Annual Spring Giveaway Pretty In Pink

I'm slightly obsessed with the color pink! Ever since I was a little girl; pink Barbie's, pink princess dresses, pink flowers and pink sparkles. I associate the color pink with femininity, romance, happiness and giddy feelings. If I'm shopping and see a top or skirt, furniture, books, earring, makeup or anything in any shade of pink I must have it!!  And if it doesn't come in pink I usually say "This should come in pink."


Pink is Feminine and Vibrant 

"Feminine, attractive and vibrant. Love pink lipstick, clothing, or tops worn in contrast with black. Bright pink, or paler no matter what age makes me feel flirty, astute and can accomplish what I need to that day. I associate it with 'sugar and spice and all things nice.' Flowers, romantic gestures and kindness." - Jill Cleggett


I thinks it's fair to say that the color pink can empower and attract positivity. Clearly, I'm not the only woman who feels this way. Take Cara Alwill Leyba the creator of "The Champagne Life" who displays her adoration for pink in her work, home and fashion! Cara connects with women via social media, her various books, blog, radio show and podcasts. Her message is to encourage all women to live a vivacious and enthusiastic life by making your own happiness a priority.  Victoria's Secret one of the largest lingerie chains in North American has an entire division geared to college girls called PINK. Let's not forget Alecia Beth Moore better known as P!nk who's been signing about bad ass women for years. One of my favorite songs is "So What". A tune that invoked a fierceness in me while I was going through a bad break-up;  as I ran countless miles her words would vibrate through my earbuds and re-affirmed my belief that I was strong and independent no matter which struggles I faced.

So, so what? I'm still a rock star. I got my rock moves. And I don't need you. And guess what? 'Im having more fun. And now that we're done. I'm gonna show you tonight. I'm alright, I'm just fine. And you're a tool. So, so what? I am a rock star....

P!nk is also a fitness guru and an inspiration to me physically! She is all about being STRONG not skinny! She's been on the cover of multiple fitness magazines; SHAPE and Women's Health to name a few. Her unwavering message to women is to be "strong", free and self-ruling in all you do!

Have I made my case? Can you now see why life is better in PINK? Could Audrey Hepburn really be wrong? "I believe in pink!"

In combination with my love for the color pink and the growing female movements across the globe this year I was inspired to make "PINK" the focus of this spring's giveaway. I was quick to learn it's not difficult to unite like-minded fitness and fashion ladies to collaborate together. I am not alone; remember neither are you! 


The Second Annual Spring Instagram Giveaway “Pretty in Pink"


FOR YOUR CHANCE TO WIN go to the Instagram card

"Pretty in Pink Spring Giveaway" and follow the rules.

Total Value $150.00


 1- Stay Humble, Hustle and Eat Tacos fitness tank from FIT & Flirty

 2 - Pink & Silver RUN baseball hat from PinkCupcakeGirl

 3 - A pink racer back tank top from Stiletto Running

 4 - Two hand crafted pink bracelets from Wild Boho Dreams

 5 - Pink Dream on Dreamer Trucker hat from The Foxy Llamas




*All entries must be submitted by April 7, 2017 7pm PST. We ask that PRIVATE accounts are made PUBLIC during the giveaway in order to be entered. We appreciate your patience while we verify all  the entries. Good luck! 

 *This giveaway is in no way sponsored, administered, or associated with Instagram, Inc. By entering, entrants confirm they are 13+ years of age, release Instagram of responsibility, and agree to Instagram's term of use.

 *Valid for USA & Canada participants only

*Items may ship separately


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2 Comments To "Second Annual Spring Giveaway Pretty In Pink"

Brisa Laborda On 25 Mar 2017
I love the power of Pink! Reply to this comment
Fit and Flirty On 25 Mar 2017
It's very powerful and pretty!!!

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