Incorporating Tennis into Your Usual Fitness Regimen

Incorporating Tennis into Your Usual Fitness Regimen
We all know how, sometimes, it's extremely difficult to lose weight. Some of us spend hours in the gym or on the road to do cardio workouts, building a solid foundation for the future. Others go the all-encompassing route and enroll in classes such as CrossFit or Intensity Interval Training and other similarly cardio-intensive exercises. 

Despite all our efforts, often those stubborn pounds (or kilos) seem to be eternally attached to our bodies. So whether or not we fall under one category, it's worth noting to consider incorporating individual sports in our fitness regimen; a racket pursuit like tennis.

Tennis can be an exciting way to get in shape and add a little variety to your usual exercise routine. In other words, it helps you lose weight in a fun, skillful kind of way. However, in spite of this, there's still that cloud of doubt that lingers above the heads of most women. In order for us to get the most out of our training program, we must, of course, do certain things right; or in the case of tennis, play with a purpose.

Even though a full singles match in tennis lasts about an hour or two, it's still a stop and start kind of game. In a way, it contradicts the whole idea of cardiovascular fitness and aerobic exercises, in which you have to constantly move for a sustained period of time to burn calories and improve your conditioning. To ease some of your worries, Play Your Court points out the many advantages of the sport, especially to females. The aforementioned website has a blog post entitled Top 10 Health Benefits of Playing Tennis for Women, wherein one of the entries focuses on weigh loss. According to the article, tennis – for what it's worth – is "an excellent full-body workout," as long as you match it with a proper diet plan.

In addition to all the intangible benefits of playing tennis, there are also the factors of actually picking up a racket and hitting the court. It's imperative to play with someone who has the same mindset as you, meaning: a person who shares the exact same passion and gusto of losing weight. That way, you can feed off each other's energy and achieve your fitness goals efficiently. Also, it's important to meticulously warm up beforehand and cool down afterwards. You have to stretch your muscles in order to help you loosen up and, more importantly, prevent injuries. Lastly, playing tennis involves two or more people, however, if ever you find yourself without a partner, you can always resort to using a ball machine. You'll be surprised at how it'll greatly improve your swing and footwork, as well as your cardio.

Altogether, it doesn't matter if you solely stick to the basics of strength and conditioning training, or include cross training to your regimen, as long as you put in the time and effort, you'll always be one step closer to your fitness goals. So go out there, sweat it out, and be the best you possible.


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