Inside the Fitness Fashionista Closet

Inside the Fitness Fashionista Closet
1. a designer of haute couture.
2. a devoted follower of fashion.
Fashionistas have a knack for coordinating different brands, styles, colors and fabrics to create head turning outfits. Your fitness fashion wardrobe should be extension of your personal style. You don't wear the same brand head to toe in your everyday life, so why design you workout outfit that way?
FIT and Flirty was created to help you feed your fitness fashionista soul. Here you can mix and match great active wear brands and design a fashionable workout wardrobe as unique and fabulous you are! Our goal is to give the fitness and fashion fanatics an environment that allows you to mix and match great active wear brands to design a workout wardrobe as unique and fabulous as you are.  


Women's Luxury Fitness Retreats
Do you consider yourself a fitness fanatic?  Do you have a passion for travel and seek adventures? Would you like to connect with more liked-minded women? Are you also a little bit of a princess? Do you expect luxury accommodations and five star service?  If you answered yes, I've got a treat for you, so keep on reading! FIT & Flirty is incredibly excited to be working with Fit & Fly Girl luxury fitness retreats! These are amazing fitness holidays designed for women who want to to travel in style, are fitness focused and looking for a new experience. Choose fro..
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Fierce, Floral & Feminine 
When it comes to business I was taught I had to have thick skin and keep my feelings or emotions to myself. I was told if I worked a little harder I would be recognized. You may not know but for ten years I’ve been consulting for publicly traded mining companies, a very male dominated industry. My quest to be respected and prove myself as capable as any man revealed a side that some may interpret as harsh or blunt. Like many women I've spent years striving for equality in every aspect of my life. But a few years ago, I realized that I’d been so focused on this that I&..
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FabFitFun Spring Box Review
Do you consider yourself a fitness fashionista? Are you a shopaholic obsessed with keeping up with the latest beauty products and fashion trends? If yes, let FabFitFun feed your soul seasonally and indulge you in fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fabulous fitness gear. Every three months you get to look forward to a box filled with the newest most awesome items, hand-picked for you by the FabFitFun team! The products are full-size and delivered right to your door step. (Free shipping) I was anticipating the delivery of my spring box more so than usual because ..
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Thanks to my Fierce Female Tribe
One of the best parts of being involved with the fitness community is all the wonderful and inspiring women I have the pleasure to meet. There is a real sense of family because everyone is so encouraging and thoughtful! I'd like to express my gratitude and give a shout-out to the eleven ladies who took the time out of their busy schedules and contributed to the "Pretty in Pink" Spring Giveaway. You are all inspiring in your own unique way! Thank you all xo   @PinkCupcakeGirl is the happiest runner ever. She runs in beautiful places every..
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Second Annual Spring Giveaway Pretty In Pink
I'm slightly obsessed with the color pink! Ever since I was a little girl; pink Barbie's, pink princess dresses, pink flowers and pink sparkles. I associate the color pink with femininity, romance, happiness and giddy feelings. If I'm shopping and see a top or skirt, furniture, books, earring, makeup or anything in any shade of pink I must have it!!  And if it doesn't come in pink I usually say "This should come in pink."   Pink is Feminine and Vibrant  "Feminine, attractive and vibrant. Love pink lipstick, cloth..
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Your Vibe Attracts your Tribe
We all know your vibe attracts your tribe; so ladies let's work TOGETHER! "Behind every success woman is a tribe of other successful women who have her back!” - Girl Boss. FIT & Flirty in collaboration with Amber at Wild Boho Dreams  are organizing the 2nd Annual Spring Instagram Loop Giveaway! Last year was a success; more than fifteen fitness ladies took part in the “Fit Girl Spring Giveaway”. This is a great opportunity to meet like-minded people on social media as well as increasing your social media following. We are optomitic that the p..
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Where to get fit, have fun and be fabulous in Vancouver
I get asked all the time “Which gym do you go to?” The quick answer is “I don’t go to the gym!” Yes, you read that right; I don’t go to a traditional gym to lift weights, nor do I run on the treadmill or use the elliptical. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this type of exercise; but personally, I’d rather watch 10 hours of C-SPAN than run 10 minutes on a treadmill. And without guidance (aka a personal trainer), I just wander around the weights section self-conscious and confused. For years I sa..
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Valentine's Day Survival Guide and Giveaway
What's your status this Valentine’s Day? 1 - SINGLE?  2 - TAKEN ? 3 - WHO CARES... I'm Awesome Let’s be honest, regardless of your relationship status Valentine’s Day can imply high expectations and at some point we’ve all been disappointed. Single ladies sit at home feeling sorry for themselves; drowning their sorrows in a bottle of red wine and stuffing their face with heart shaped chocolates. Taken women all over the world are upset by the lack of creativity or forethought from their partner. Recently broken up or going through a divorce ladi..
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Interview with FIT and Flirty
    Tonight our guest is Anna Dalaire from Vancouver BC Canada. She has worked as a consultant for junior mining and exploration companies for over 10 years now. She started FIT & Flirty a few year ago ( as a way to build a small business around her true passion; which is fitness & fashion. Her online fun fitness fashion boutique offers affordable athletic wear. We have conducted an interview with her.   How do you cope with the contrast in working for mining and exploration companies versus your fitness and fashion business? ..
FRI-YEA the 13 ....
Today is a great day to manifest the sh*t our of some good luck! Ditch the negative vibes and use these good luck-oriented superstitions aimed at bringing you luck: Get out of the bed on the right side (that is, not the left side). This side is guaranteed to make your day luckier. Wear red underwear. This color is told to bring you more luck than other colors. Whatever you do, don't wear green underwear or luck might abandon you Get your most trusted lucky charm out. Place it in your pocket and/or wear it all day. Forget cleaning; appa..
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