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1- Fitness on the Fly - Just cause you're on holidays doesn't mean you should stop yworking out. Check out these great gym all over the world.

2 - Flirt with Fitness - You should always try out something new! Read FIT and Flirty's fitness class, personal trainer and activy reviews. 

3 - Football Flirt - FIT and Flirty is a football Fanatic! Here you will find chats on what's going on around the NFL, Pro Athelete workout and what the beautiful wives are wearing in the gym and on the street.


Women's Luxury Fitness Retreats
Do you consider yourself a fitness fanatic?  Do you have a passion for travel and seek adventures? Would you like to connect with more liked-minded women? Are you also a little bit of a princess? Do you expect luxury accommodations and five star service?  If you answered yes, I've got a treat for you, so keep on reading! FIT & Flirty is incredibly excited to be working with Fit & Fly Girl luxury fitness retreats! These are amazing fitness holidays designed for women who want to to travel in style, are fitness focused and looking for a new experience. Choose fro..
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Thanks to my Fierce Female Tribe
One of the best parts of being involved with the fitness community is all the wonderful and inspiring women I have the pleasure to meet. There is a real sense of family because everyone is so encouraging and thoughtful! I'd like to express my gratitude and give a shout-out to the eleven ladies who took the time out of their busy schedules and contributed to the "Pretty in Pink" Spring Giveaway. You are all inspiring in your own unique way! Thank you all xo   @PinkCupcakeGirl is the happiest runner ever. She runs in beautiful places every..
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Second Annual Spring Giveaway Pretty In Pink
I'm slightly obsessed with the color pink! Ever since I was a little girl; pink Barbie's, pink princess dresses, pink flowers and pink sparkles. I associate the color pink with femininity, romance, happiness and giddy feelings. If I'm shopping and see a top or skirt, furniture, books, earring, makeup or anything in any shade of pink I must have it!!  And if it doesn't come in pink I usually say "This should come in pink."   Pink is Feminine and Vibrant  "Feminine, attractive and vibrant. Love pink lipstick, cloth..
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Where to get fit, have fun and be fabulous in Vancouver
I get asked all the time “Which gym do you go to?” The quick answer is “I don’t go to the gym!” Yes, you read that right; I don’t go to a traditional gym to lift weights, nor do I run on the treadmill or use the elliptical. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this type of exercise; but personally, I’d rather watch 10 hours of C-SPAN than run 10 minutes on a treadmill. And without guidance (aka a personal trainer), I just wander around the weights section self-conscious and confused. For years I sa..
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Valentine's Day Survival Guide and Giveaway
What's your status this Valentine’s Day? 1 - SINGLE?  2 - TAKEN ? 3 - WHO CARES... I'm Awesome Let’s be honest, regardless of your relationship status Valentine’s Day can imply high expectations and at some point we’ve all been disappointed. Single ladies sit at home feeling sorry for themselves; drowning their sorrows in a bottle of red wine and stuffing their face with heart shaped chocolates. Taken women all over the world are upset by the lack of creativity or forethought from their partner. Recently broken up or going through a divorce ladi..
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Ditch Day
    On January 1st you probably set new fitness or weight loss resolutions for yourself! You were determined, inspired and ready to make 2017 different. Fast forward to January 17, the day where most people DITCH their New Year’s resolution… you’ve hit a wall and don’t know where all your “will power” has gone?!     Here are a few tips to help you stay the course and not give up on ditch day! Allow for days off; eat a piece of cake, have a glass of wine and skip the workout. You’re on a journey; physical resu..
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Incorporating Tennis into Your Usual Fitness Regimen
We all know how, sometimes, it's extremely difficult to lose weight. Some of us spend hours in the gym or on the road to do cardio workouts, building a solid foundation for the future. Others go the all-encompassing route and enroll in classes such as CrossFit or Intensity Interval Training and other similarly cardio-intensive exercises.  Despite all our efforts, often those stubborn pounds (or kilos) seem to be eternally attached to our bodies. So whether or not we fall under one category, it's worth noting to consider incorporating individual sports in our fitness r..
Spinning Through The Holiday Season
Last week, while in San Francisco I got the chance to go to a spin class at Soul Cycle SoMa. The candle lit space is jammed packed with bikes with just enough room between them to squeeze by. The music is rocking loud which instantly hyped me. As I sat on my bike, an attendant came by. “I haven’t seen you here before; can I help you set up your bike?” She asked. She welcomed me and gave me a quick briefing of what to expect during the session. Out of nowhere a tiny muscular lady with a super long blond ponytail jumped in front of me and said “I love your ..
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Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday is finally here!   I know I've been posting a lot about football and I'm aware not all my fitness fashionista followers are NFL fans (and for that I forgive you). But the NFL is my favorite pro sport and I’ll use any excuse to talk (or write) about it. Bear with me, as of Monday morning I will go back to fitness fashion and inspirational fitness messages.    So although you may not block off your Sunday schedule seventeen weeks out of the year like I do, there is a good chance you may end up watching the game with ..
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What does it take to be a game changer like NFL Super Star Richard Sherman?
For those of you who know me or have been following me on Instagram you already know that I’m a HUGE NFL fan. For those who didn't know, VOILA! NFL rules my Sunday schedule seventeen weeks out of every year. I’m undoubtedly obsessed!!  I love the competition, the replays, the sport shows. I love the players, the coaches and the drama. I love the gambling, the trip planning around going to live games and the emotional roller-coaster I feel watching my teams. I love the noise of the stadium, my scratchy voice from yelling too much and all the fun faithful fans I me..
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