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FabFitFun Spring Box Review
Do you consider yourself a fitness fashionista? Are you a shopaholic obsessed with keeping up with the latest beauty products and fashion trends? If yes, let FabFitFun feed your soul seasonally and indulge you in fashion finds, glam beauty secrets, and fabulous fitness gear. Every three months you get to look forward to a box filled with the newest most awesome items, hand-picked for you by the FabFitFun team! The products are full-size and delivered right to your door step. (Free shipping) I was anticipating the delivery of my spring box more so than usual because ..
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National Cupcake Day
Whether you’re on a points (or calorie) restricted diet like Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers, or you subscribe to one of the many plant-based diets, or you’re like myself and follow the 80-20 rules of Eat-Clean, I think we can probably all agree that a “cheat” day (or meal) is the best part of the week. For many, the cheat day (or meal) has positive psychological effects because allowing a craving to be satisfied helps people to stick to their otherwise restrictive diets. I find this to be true for myself. For the most part my body wants healthy foods; I eat to fue..
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Where to get fit, have fun and be fabulous in Vancouver
I get asked all the time “Which gym do you go to?” The quick answer is “I don’t go to the gym!” Yes, you read that right; I don’t go to a traditional gym to lift weights, nor do I run on the treadmill or use the elliptical. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this type of exercise; but personally, I’d rather watch 10 hours of C-SPAN than run 10 minutes on a treadmill. And without guidance (aka a personal trainer), I just wander around the weights section self-conscious and confused. For years I sa..
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Spinning Through The Holiday Season
Last week, while in San Francisco I got the chance to go to a spin class at Soul Cycle SoMa. The candle lit space is jammed packed with bikes with just enough room between them to squeeze by. The music is rocking loud which instantly hyped me. As I sat on my bike, an attendant came by. “I haven’t seen you here before; can I help you set up your bike?” She asked. She welcomed me and gave me a quick briefing of what to expect during the session. Out of nowhere a tiny muscular lady with a super long blond ponytail jumped in front of me and said “I love your ..
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Amicafox Dreamcatcher Legging
dream·catch·er ˈdrēmˌkaCHər,ˈdrēmˌkeCHər/ noun 1.    a small hoop containing a horsehair mesh, or a similar construction of string or yarn, decorated with feathers and beads, believed to give its owner good dreams. Dreamcatchers were originally made by American Indians.   The first pair of Amicafox legging I saw was of the White Tiger on Instagram and I was floored by the striking image. I also really liked the Enchanted Unicorn legging because well... who doesn’t like unicorns?? But when I saw the Dreamcatcher legging I instantly&nbs..
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Featured Brand  DoM "Drop of Mindfulness"
Drop of Mindfulness is a collection of yoga & fitness apparel for the modern female athlete. The philosophy behind the brand is to offer a functional and stylish design with advanced fabric technology that allows you to look great but feel comfortable while working out, no matter your fitness activity!   Founders Sofia Hellqvist and Carolina Pihl used to work at a donation-based yoga studio in New York City. They wanted people to see yoga as a natural part of everyday life and everyone was welcome to practice and breathe. Carolina and Sofia were united in their ..
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MICHI LUXURY FITNESS WEAR! If you're looking for unique, fashion-forward apparel that guarantees to turn heads at the gym look no further! MICHI is the ultimate in luxury fitness wear. It is sexy, edgy and sophisticated! MICHI’s classic lines and flattering designs embodies the strength and timeless beauty all women possess. The concept was born from the desire to blend functional athletic wear with luxurious lingerie. Now, don't mistake this alluring and lavish fitness line for anything less than high performance apparel. ..
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Pre-Party Personal Training in Vegas
My last visit to Las Vegas was December 5th 2010. I woke up at five a.m., put on my running shoes and ran the Rock n' Rock Marathon with a finish time of 4:13:10. Afterwards I celebrated my accomplishment until the sun came up the next morning. So as a tribute to one of the best days of my life I thought it was appropriate to include some kind of fitness into my most recent trip to Sin City.  So I decided to book myself a Pre-Party Personal Training session. Here are my thoughts: Gym: Bellagio Spa & Fitness Center is loc..
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Sweat Co. Vancouver Boutique Gym
Gym: Sweat Co. Studios  is located at 736 Richards St. Vancouver British Columbia Canada (604) 683-7938 First Class: Wednesday Sweat Circuit Challenge. This class combined circuits of high intense cardio and endurance strength training in the same one hour workout. Fat burning and muscles building all in one! My abs were still hurting when I woke up on Saturday morning. This class was taught by Debbie Jacques.   Second Class: Saturday morning Spin. It had been a while since I'd attended a Spin class, plus I had ..
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