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Incorporating Tennis into Your Usual Fitness Regimen
We all know how, sometimes, it's extremely difficult to lose weight. Some of us spend hours in the gym or on the road to do cardio workouts, building a solid foundation for the future. Others go the all-encompassing route and enroll in classes such as CrossFit or Intensity Interval Training and other similarly cardio-intensive exercises.  Despite all our efforts, often those stubborn pounds (or kilos) seem to be eternally attached to our bodies. So whether or not we fall under one category, it's worth noting to consider incorporating individual sports in our fitness r..
Sweat Co. Vancouver Boutique Gym
Gym: Sweat Co. Studios  is located at 736 Richards St. Vancouver British Columbia Canada (604) 683-7938 First Class: Wednesday Sweat Circuit Challenge. This class combined circuits of high intense cardio and endurance strength training in the same one hour workout. Fat burning and muscles building all in one! My abs were still hurting when I woke up on Saturday morning. This class was taught by Debbie Jacques.   Second Class: Saturday morning Spin. It had been a while since I'd attended a Spin class, plus I had ..
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