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Thanks to my Fierce Female Tribe

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One of the best parts of being involved with the fitness community is all the wonderful and inspiring women I have the pleasure to meet. There is a real sense of family because everyone is so encouraging and thoughtful! I’d like to express my gratitude and give a shout-out to the eleven ladies who took the time out of their busy schedules and contributed to the “Pretty in Pink” Spring Giveaway. You are all inspiring in your own unique way!

Thank you all xo

@PinkCupcakeGirl is the happiest runner ever. She runs in beautiful places every single day! If you’re a runner, or inspire to run, follow her on Instagram, I promise that her gallery and story line will bring a smile to your face and motivate you to lace up! She also sells the coolest running snap-backs.

@eric.terry is a fitness and fashion blogger from Michigan. We quickly bonded on social media due to our mutual love of fitness, the NFL, our adorable Yorkies and making fun of bad dates! Some people just get it, she’s one of them! Check out her site Fashion meets Food.

@urbamilenyc is a young, vibrant and beautiful runner from New York City. Every day she makes me miss the Big Apple as she shares gorgeous pictures of the magical city. She has a content-rich blog with great running and fitness tips.

@Stiletto Running found a creative way to combine her love for stilettos (fashion) and running; she has a fitness fashion store with great pink running gear Stiletto Running.

@wildbohomdreams was my first social media over three years ago now. She is a very kind soul from Alabama who creates hand crafted jewelry with a magical touch. Wild Boho Dreams 

@misssippipiddlin was the winner of the FIT & Flirty #FitnessSelfie Contest earlier this year. She has been a joy to follow. She and her man seem to be out running a race almost every weekend and always finish by quenching their thirst with mimosas; my kinda of couple! Check out her running blog as well.

@chocoviv Instablogging about food, travelling and countless beauty tips!. She is also the only other Canadian (besides myself) involved. She also has a fun blog!

@barm-Yogi_jenn is the winner of FIT & Flirty’s Valentine’s Day Giveaway. She’s a single mom, teacher, yogi and passionate runner.

@pinkess1 is a thirty something lady living in Greater Nebraska who believes everything is better with a little sparkle! She shares how she manages to balance a career, husband, two girls and keeping up with fitness on her Blog.

@The Foxy Llamas are a couple of mom’s pressing vinyl together in their own little makeshift sweatshop – Fun fashion in the ETSY store.

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