Meet the FIT & Flirty Team

Anna Dalaire, Owner

I’ve called Vancouver British Columbia my home since 2001.  Since then, I’ve made a discovery that's transformed my life. I could have never imagined that fitness would be so cathartic and shape my future in such a positive way.  

As a teenager I was moderately active, playing basketball, being a member of the track & field team and enjoying riding lessons at a local equestrian club on the weekends. In my early twenties the only form of physical activity in my life was dancing at the clubs until the early morning. My diet consisted of fast food and calorie packed cocktails, oh and I was a smoker – shhhh! I woke up one morning uncomfortable in my skin. I didn’t like how my body looked and although my career was on the right path I lacked a passion for life and craved some sort of personal endeavor!

I decided things were going to change! My first step toward building a healthier life was hiring a personal trainer. At first I could only run for about 4 minutes but I kept lacing up and pushing myself to go a little further each day. I also saw my personal trainer twice a week every single week and after several months, with sweat n' tears, determination and persistence, I successfully ran my first 10 km race! That day changed my life forever. Crossing the finish line gave me a bigger buzz than any martini ever had!! 

As fitness became more and more prevalent in my life I was faced with the biggest challenge for any fashionista: building a stylish yet functional fitness wardrobe!! I needed performance active wear but also wanted to express my personal style. Hence began my quest to find fitness clothing that flattered my figure, made me feel cute and confident while working up my daily sweat.

To date, I’ve completed numerous half marathons, a full marathon, hiked my way to the sky, completed four Beachbody programs, spent thousands of hours with personal trainers and the list goes on and on. Most importantly, my fitness journey has empowered me. Achieving physical goals I once thought “impossible” gave me an inner strength I didn't know existed.  FIT & Flirty is an extension of this empowerment. Join me in celebrating your own success. Every woman deserves to feel Fierce & Fabulous!


Miss Gucci, Publicity Hound

Born in Hungary Budapest to a second generation show dog Miss Gucci made it to Vancouver B.C. in the summer of 2007 and she officially became my fur baby just before the Christmas holidays that year. She is the fiercest and most loving 5 lbs of canine you will ever meet!  Like her mother, she is a ball of energy, always on the go, all the while anticipating the football season with great enthusiasm!

No matter what activity she partakes in, fighting bears, chasing birds, hiking, playing fetch or strutting her stuff on the seawall, Miss Gucci is always stylish, especially when she is parading her Bucs outfit on NFL Sundays. Her big brown button eyes will warm the coldest of hearts. Her friendliness and approachability are great assets to help her seize opportunities and score many touchdowns.



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